Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Making a Window Quilt

Browsing around on the Net a few years ago, I happened across this site:

I thought it was a pretty good idea! And since it's been so cold up here for part of this winter, I thought I would give it a try making one of these for our living room door. (BTW, this door leads nowhere, there is no deck out there....yet)

I don't know how to quilt, the Gman's Mom does - she makes some beautiful quilted runners, placemats etc. I am not very savvy when it comes to sewing, but I am going to give it a try.

The window coverings Sue shows are so nice...all those squares sewn together, then pieced to the backing fabric. Mine is going to be a LOT simpler.

IF it works out, it will hang on the living room door - if it does not work out, it will never see the light of day!

Here's the top fabric, the burgundy.....and the accent fabric, a nice gold colour. It has some fancy scrolling on it. I thought these colours could be easily tied in with the Christmas decorating next year. Maybe put some bows on it, or little doodads, we'll see.

So today, I got the cover fabrics washed and iron. Then I cut up an old white sheet that I will use for the backing.... here's the backing and the batting pinned together.

I doubled the batting, I hope that will work ok....

I'm feeling the need to keep it pretty simple, so I am considering just making a wide border with the gold fabric and putting it around the burgundy fabric. I'll sew bias tape around the outer edges.

After I've got it sewn together, I'll either tie it all together in several places, or I'll get brave and do some topstiching. I thought it would look nice to have the burgundy and gold sewn together in diagonal pieces, but I don't think I have the level of ability, lol! I am NOT a sewer.....

Wish me Luck!

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Aunt Krissy said...

I went tot he site, Thats a good ideal! We had some -20F with a strong wind a week aog and by the front door I could feel a draft. I have a blanket nailed around the door and a towel at the foot. The Quilt would look much much nicer!

Anonymous said...

I just finished my first quilt yesterday. It's not as complicated as it seems once you get started. If you want to make the blocks, make large blocks. That will cut down on the sewing and matching of corners.

We were getting cold air around our door and my husband pulled off the inside trim. He used some of the expansion foam that doesn't expand as much as the old type to fill in around the door. Then he put the trim back on. It made a huge difference.

Annie said...

Hi Krissy, are you going to try to make one?

Jackie, welcome to the blog! It maybe is not that complicated, but I have a real mental block when it comes to sewing, I try but.....

anyway, I have been making the gold strips to go down each side. I have one done, lol....I'm going to work on it tomorrow afternoon and maybe get one more long strip done.

The way I am going, it should be ready by August!



Linda Foley said...

Sure tell I have not been in your blog for a while - lots of catching up to do!!! Had to go find the rest of the quilt info! LOL

It does look kinda plain Annie, but I bet when you are done it will be great... I think a window quilt is an excellent idea.

I used to sew a lot when my kids were small, but I have done very little in the last 15 years or so. I have been wanting to do actual quilting, but again - not sure I really want to quilt any more than I want to knit or crochet! I enjoy making the the crochet and knitting needles more than I enjoy either of those other activities... :)

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