Saturday, January 24, 2009

Snowy PIcs and Icicles

Several days ago, I walked around with the new camera and snapped some pics of the snow on the roofs of our buildings....they look kinda cool.....

Look at the creases and folds in the snow in this almost looks like a bedsheet up there.

Looking down towards the barn....we don't use these steps in the wintertime, so there is no point in shovelling them off.

This picture was taken several days ago....

Here it is this morning...the snow and ice has slid just a bit more....
I sure don't want to be standing underneath there when it comes off!!

Ice Curls (My Favourite!!)

Our first big dumps of snow were followed by the freezing rain and ice storm. Because of that, we haven't had much snow slide off the roofs.....
There have been a few building collapses up here.....including one of ours, thanks to yours truly.

Remember this? The canopy I walked past probably 4 times a day? The one I forgot to take the snow off....yeah, that one!
We have had several days of +0 weather, enuf to make the snow start melting....
and shifting......

I like this one, the snow and ice are folding over themselves.....

Snow Curl on the back roof of our woodroom.....that's one building I sure don't want coming down!
I spent some time on a ladder taking the snow off the front roof of the woodroom....the little roof just didn't look sturdy enough to me. And hey! We NEED to get at that wood to keep us cozy warm!

Here's one I took a few days ago, it was warm enough to sit on the front deck in the mid afternoon and bask in the sun! Just had jeans and a sweatshirt on, aaah it was wonderful!

During that spell of warm afternoons, the snow slid off the front part of the main roof.....there was so much of it and it slid with such force, some of it landed in the veggie garden!!!

And boy, does it make a lot of noise when it starts coming down, rumbling like an earthquake or a jet gunning it's engines for matter how many times it happens, there's always a bit of fright "What's That??" and then if we look out the window fast enough, we can see sheets and sheets of snow coming down!

The Gman is coming home today after being away this week, yeah! So tonite for dinner we're having lamb chops, baked potatotes and squash....followed by homemade Strawberry and Saskatoon berry pie, yummy!!! And I already have a loaf of wholewheat bread going.
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