Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The other day, it was the Tobbogan Festival...a once a year event. There was a good group of people, music (thanks to a generator and sound system), a bunch of tobaggons, crazy carpets, etc...

A huge fire going, chairs set up, it was great!

....we thought we'd only be able to be out there for an hour or so. We were still not feeling that great....but we stayed the whole afternoon, thanks to being bundled up tightly against the elements...even the snow blizzard that lasted an hour or so...

We had a Great Time! Here you can see the hill they go sledding down...neither of us were up to it this year. We did last year and da Wolf even pulled our tobogann!

I like this pic, the way the moon is coming up...

btw, how do you spell toboggan? I probably don't have it right!

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1 comment:

pamela said...

You have it right. Glad ya'll got to go out and have some fun. That really looks like super fun--for a while.

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