Saturday, February 28, 2009

Preserving (Freezing) Squash

Last Fall, a friend picked us up a box of squash from a farm somewhere in the Fraser Canyon.....

We put it downstairs in the little room under the stairs....we set it on blocks, because we didn't want the box in direct contact with the cement floor (too cold).
We kept it there, instead of in the cold room, because squash needs to be kept in a warmer spot than our coldroom, which we like to keep around 38 - 40F ideally.

So, over the winter, we've been enjoying baked squash. Last week we noticed that some of the squash was starting to go bad. Brought it all upstairs, cut away the few bad areas and started cutting the rest of the squash in pieces.

got a few things together, butter, maple syrup and nutmeg...

Put all the pieces in the big roasting pan....cut some cubes of butter and dotted it over the squash. Then I poured a bit of maple syrup over top....and sprinkled the whole thing with nutmeg. I put just a bit of water in the roaster as well.

Baked it for about an hour at 350...then let it cool. Dayum, that looks good (and it smelt delicious too!)

Once it cooled, I scooped all the squash out from the shells....put it all in a dish and mashed it well with the potato masher.....(the shells went to the chickens, who will pick all the bits of leftover squash out of them)

Once it was nicely pureed, I started putting it into freezer bags. Expel the air, and threw the bags in the freezer. Now we can enjoy squash when we like, just by heating it back up!

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Aunt Krissy said...

I love squash. But I didn't think about growing it. I will add that too my garden now.

Annie said...

Krissy give the 3 Sisters a try, you should be able to grow corn easily where you are right?

Up here, it's those sneaky July frosts that kill off the corn.


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