Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Coyote and da Wolf!

Wowwwwww....this morning I was sitting at the computer watching the market, and da Wolf was outside barking and barking his darn head off.....ah, he often does this. He sees or hears wild animals either out in our pasture or in the neighbour's fields, and does right into protection mode. He's a good Wolf.

After a few minutes of his carrying on, I went and opened up one of the window blinds.....gulp! There was a coyote, right outside the fence!

And....he didn't seem to care at all that da Wolf was doing his darndest to make the coyote leave.

I took a bunch of shots....I shoulda used the gun (but I'm Yella that way) so I used the camera instead!

Here's the coyote, he seems to be on the little hill where our well is.

Maybe it's a coincidence that, right after we moved here, I saw a beautiful silver haired wolf sitting in that exact same's the one pic I got of that Wolf, that really barely turned out.
Look between those two trees in the the left u may be able to see the cap for our well (grey) and just to the right, that is the Wolf. I sure wish I had a zoom on my camera that day!

The coyote started digging in the snow, what was he looking for, I wonder?

Then he nonchalantly started walking down towards the willows.

At this point, da Wolf ran down into the yard, on the trail he has cut thru the snow, and the two of them got pretty close to each other. Then the coyote took off, straight down into the willows.
We have been told that coyotes will try to lure a dog out of his safety zone. Apparently, they send in a female, who lures the dog out, and meanwhile, the rest of the coyote pack is waiting in the bushes to ambush the poor dog!
This was about an hour ago, and da Wolf refuses to come in the house! He is still out there pacing around, protecting his territory. I sure am glad all the hens are safely locked up in the coop!
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It's me said...

I don't know if that's true about coyotes luring dogs, but if you've ever read any of the Hank the Cowdog books... they did it there! (OK, Hank is a talking cowdog, perhaps this is not the best place to get my facts)

Enjoyed the pictures!

Blooming said...

We had tons of coyotes where I grew up. They would yip back and forth for quite a while after the sun set. My old dog always wanted to go give them a piece of her mind, but I vetoed that.

I liked the photos too!

Aunt Krissy said...

I blew up the pic and could see your wolf. I had a coyote last summer just walking a cool as could be across the yard. My dog did not notice it ( she was on my bed )

pamela said...

Hey Annie-we have problems with coyote's too.We have small dogs and they always want to run to the edge of the woods-when I let them out.My husband had to shoot one that was almost on the back porch.
It was very different-black and silver. She had very little smell so we are having her stuffed.

pamela said...

My husband had to shoot one of the coyote's- not our dog. That did not come out right. ha

Annie said...

That same coyote has been back 3 or 4 times. Of course each time is when the Gman is not home to fire off a shot to scare it away....

He keeps telling me I need to learn how to shoot the gun, but I am too Yella to try it...I'd probably shoot myself in the foot!


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