Monday, March 16, 2009

Well, The Snow Slid Off The Roof

Yes the snow finally slid off the roof, and it took out our Sat. dish that we get our internet on.
This is Annie's husbund, G man. I am working out of town and Annie wanted me to let our readers know that she will be unable to post on the blog for a couple days.
Thank you all for visiting her Blog Sphere: Related Content


Aunt Krissy said...


Meadowlark said...

oooooh. that's sad.

I hope after the "big crash" that we can keep internet. :)

Anonymous said...

Miss you Annie,
I usually check in every day or 2.
Hope you get to read this soon!
Kathryn from Surrey

Annie said...

I was surprised to find out how much I missed being able to go on the net anytime I wanted to...

Kathryn, glad to see you are still reading! Are you going to be able to put just a tiny garden in this year in Surrey?


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