Monday, April 13, 2009

Chickens Love Milk!!

Boy, do they ever Love Milk! I had some extra goat milk, so I gave some to the girls. Pretty hard to get a pic before they had finished it off!
Today, I cut up the Last Cabbage that was still in the cold room....I had to chuck several of the outer layers of leaves, but the inside was still good!
Amazing, since it's been down there since early last Fall - nice for us to know the cold room is doing a great job!

A pic of part of the chicken coop....the Gman's homemade feeder and the roosts are visible on the right.
We put some of their feed in the bucket....then we throw the rest around the coop on the floor.
The hens scratch around to find their grains. In doing so, they help to aerate the litter - cuts down on the smell. I'd clean the coop thoroughly, but I can't run the wheelbarrow thru all the mud around here!
You can see the snow is pretty much gone from the side yard.....within a month, everything will be nice and green...and growing!!!
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Cicero Sings said...

I would REALLY like a cold room ... we'll have to come up with a way on our little .6 of an acre!

Angie said...

That's funny, i have the same feeder only mine is a home depot bucket ;)

Linda Foley said...

Hey Annie nice to see the snow is on it's way OUT!!!

I've got a request - can you show or tell us how you made the homemade feeder (or do you have it in your blog and I missed it???)


Annie said...

Linda, I'll ask the Gman to describe how he made it....the bottom is a huge saucer that you would use under a pot of flowers....


Linda Foley said...

Thanks Annie... I'll be looking for it! :)

Annie said...

Cicero I was checking out your blog yesterday! Nice to see people from the Cariboo blogging!

Angie, free or cheap is the way we do things around here, or try to!

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