Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meat Birds

A few pictures.....we were intent on setting the brooders up down at the barn, BUT......the weather has changed and it is fairly cool.

So we chickened out and opted to put them in the basement for the first 2 weeks....

We dipped their beaks in the waterers as we took each chick out of the box. Amazing that you can order chicks and have them come thru the mail. Chicks can live 72 hours after hatching with no extra nourishment.

We like to dip their beaks so that WE know that They know where the water is....they could likely find it on their own.

Cute little guys aren't they?

I've already topped up their feed a little while ago. The waterers are probably still half full. We'll check them after dinner.....really important to keep water and chick starter in front of them at all times! We'll keep them on starter for two weeks, then switch them over to pellets.
You can see there are a bunch of chicks at the large waterer, more around the small round feeder, a couple at the long feeder, and a bunch milling around.
This is what you want....if they are all huddled under the heat lamp, they are too cold and are trying to warm up. If they are up against the outside wall of the brooder, they are too hot and are trying to cool down.
It's not rocket science, but....when you have that many little chickies dependant on you to help them grow....well, you can't help but keep checking on them and making sure they are all ok.
Ding dang, they're cute!
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Aunt Krissy said...

They are cute. I was planing on useing my kiddie size wadeing pool for my chicks. When I get them I'm not sure what size they will be. iwill find out more tmr.

Annie said...

I think a wading pool is a great idea! Altho the sides are probably not very high?

U know that screening material they sell in rolls...the kind you would use to replace your sliding glass door screens? I bought some of that, and use clothespins to attach it to the top of the brooder walls.

I don't put it on there until I find a chick has jumped out of the brooder (around 2 weeks old). That may be something you might want to try??

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