Saturday, May 30, 2009

Planting Corn

Well, I've succumbed to my obsession with trying to grow corn here.....

It can't be grown very successfully where we are....the nights are too cool. We often have temperature ranges of 30 C or more during the 24 hour day.
I decided to plant them in the greenhouse - that should work a lot better than putting them in the garden.

I started some corn seedlings down in the seedling room.

They got moved several days ago out to the greenhouse, where they sat in my black wheelbarrow to help soak up some more heat.

Jen watered for me while she was here, and she also added more soil to each of the pots of corn.

So, earlier I went out and got the Gman to dump some composted manure into the little JD trailer....and I putted up to the greenhouse with it. Added the whole trailerfull to the bed the corn will go into.

Then, I started planting. Set the plants 10 inches apart and managed to get a block of 3 rows in there. Corn does much better when planted in a block, rather in rows, as it gets pollinated much easier.

Here's the roots, they look pretty good.

The Gman got a pic of me doing the planting....

Now, we water very well, cross our fingers and hope they grow well enuf to produce ears. One per plant would be acceptable, 2 per plant would put me over the moon....
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Linda Foley said...

I just noticed this post! Cool! I plant my corn 6 inches apart, but I always plant early corn, which doesn't get very tall. You will probably have to 'shake' the stalks to help pollinate them because you don't have wind to do it in a greenhouse...

Can't wait to hear how it turns out!!!

Annie said...

Aaaah, thanks for the tip about shaking the stalks Linda, I will remember to do that.

I would think that would really improve pollination, when the corn is inside.

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