Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Growing and Saving Seeds

Remember these? I dug them out of the garden last fall and put them in
the cold room.

This Spring, I needed to put them back in the soil....

They're pretty withered looking, hope they'll be ok...I just dug the hole nice and deep.
By this Fall, they'll have flowered and then set seed, if all goes well.

Here's hoping we never have to buy sugar beet and mangel seed again....
Some little Johnny Jump Ups....pretty
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Anonymous said...

So whatever happend? I know ur fighting cancer and all, but seem to get more than most of us healthy adults. I follow ur blog daily. Wondering how the experiment went with the beets. Going to try my own this summer 2010. I think

Anonymous said...

sorry ment more done than most of us healthy adults. Only reason im doing this anonymous is it wont accept my password for my google acct. Im Beth. May God bring you health soon.

Annie said...

Beth, once I read your comments, I realized I must have never put an update on the blog about this.

Nothing happened. We think what went wrong was that our cold room (where we stored those sugar beets and mangels) got too cold, and those veggies froze.

We did plant them all back into the ground, but nothing happened. No growth or anything.

They should have started sending out new green growth on the tops, then over the summer, those tops should have flowered, then set seed.

We are going to try again this year and hope we have more success. We HAVE been a lot more careful with how cold the cold room gets.

Thanks for bringing this back to my attention. Hope you keep reading our blog!

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