Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Morning Fishing

This morning, we took a ride and headed out to a nearby lake. We've got the little boat in the back of the pickup, and we're thinking of just leaving it in there. That way, we can go fishing on a least for the next little while.
We spent about 4 hours out there and here's the results
The big boy, the one in the front weighed in at 2 lbs 14 oz. The Gman was smiling a lot today!
See the smallest in the sink?
He says it's a Kokanee (a landlocked Salmon). It has no distinct black spots on it, like the one above it in the pic on the left.
It has 15 rays on the anal fin. All Kokanee have more than 13 rays.....
While he was bringing the Kokanee in, it started pouring rain. We had been hearing thunder and yes, saw the clouds darkening....but hey, we were fishing! That's important!
Anyway, the skies completely opened and we booted it to shore, standing under the trees for maybe half an hour. Once the rain stopped, we headed back out to resume fishing and made our way back to the boat ramp.
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Aunt Krissy said...

I havent been fishing in years. Like maybe 10? But up in AK I knew lots of people and family that did go so I had fresh salmon all the time. I miss salmon. I miss it so much that I eat canned red salmon now ( wild caught ) I never thought that I would end up doing that But when your in the middle of WI you do what you got to do.

Linda Foley said...

You have been soooo busy Annie! But I just gotta tell you - WE HAVE KIDS!!!!

I posted in my journal, but will post in my blog shortly....

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

I miss fishing - there are no fish around here anymore except gummint stocked fish at the mountain lakes :(

Gorgeous fish!

Annie said...

Oh Krissy, we miss salmon too! We will have to get some if we go down to the Coast. But the Kokanee fish up here ARE landlocked salmon!

So the odd time, we do get a taste of it....they are small fish up here tho.

Linda, congrats on the kiddies, I will have to go over and see any updated pics. They are adorable!!!

Nita, it has been hard for us to get used to the "small" fish. We are both used to ocean fishing on the West Coast of BC, so it takes some getting used to, up here....

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