Monday, July 20, 2009

Becoming Pain Free and Life's an Itch!

You now what happened to me this morning? I woke up....(yes, i know, that happens every morning I am still alive).

But this time....I woke up and for the first time since July 6, I had no pain. I mean ZERO pain...none, nada, zilch.

Dang, that felt good! So good in fact, I just lay there for about 20 minutes. Still as could be...didn't move a muscle, cuz I didn't want to move and wreck the moment, so to speak.

I just lay there and revelled in the fact that I wasn't sore. Eventually, of course, I had to make a move...and then those familiar twinges started in again.

But...dayummmm, that felt good! It was also the third night in a row that I slept right thru...weeeeee!

Things are looking up!

Another way I can tell I am beginning to feel better is that I am chest is so itchy I can barely stand it. That's a good thing of course, it means my incision is healing....

I'm also getting bored. I have read probably 15 books, and am getting sick of reading. Getting bored....a sure sign that I am beginning to feel better! Sphere: Related Content

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