Friday, July 24, 2009

Camping.....and Fishing!!

We got home late yesterday afternoon from a Wonderful couple of days about relaxing!

We had da Wolf, a little campfire....

Our setup....right beside the water. There was one other couple camping there....and one small group camping up the hill and around the corner - we didn't even hear them!

A Beautiful view

even a little dock for the little boat

Some potatoes on the barbeque....followed later by some nice thick juicy steaks

the Gman went out fishing....I stayed on shore, relaxing in the lawn chair, reading....and reading

The view

Catch of the Day!

The total catch for the trip. We gave 2 small trout to the friends who watched our animals while we were gone.
We ate 2 more with the Gman's parents, who arrived late yesterday. The other 3 went in the freezer. We're still working on getting a canner full of trout!
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Linda Foley said...

That sounds like so much fun Annie! Gee I have went camping or fishing in years. you remind me of what I have been missing!

Glad you had a restful, enjoyable time...

Aunt Krissy said...

That looks like a nice camp sight.
I have not been camping in a long time. last time was up in Alaska on a clam digging trip.

3 little bears said...

That looks like a nice spot! I would love to know where it is :)

Annie said...

Ahhhh, it was so relaxing there! And of course, I am still basically in recuperation mode, so I was waited on hand and foot by the it was of course a fantastic time!

3 little bears, what? Give up one of the best fishing lakes in the area? Sorry, no can do, lol....

friends showed us this lake on strict orders that we never bring anyone else along with us....sorry!

3 little bears said...

LOL I hear ya! I told a couple of people about my spot and now its to busy.I like a quit out of the way spots. I will have to keep looking :) Take care

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