Monday, July 13, 2009

Feeling So Much Better!

It's been one week today, since my surgery. Wow, that was a l o n gggg week, lol! Every day I feel a bit stronger. This morning we had an appointment with the Community Care Nurse again.

She removed half of the staples (yuk, I know) and let me know that everything was healing really beautifully (her words).

And...I've been finally given the all clear to have a shower....think I'll soak in a long bath tonite instead. I'm thinking I deserve it!

Wednesday morning, we will go to the family doctor. He'll examine me, remove the last of the staples, and hopefully will give me the (good) results from the lymph nodes.

I am feeling quite positive about it all. Thank you all again for the supportive comments you have been leaving for us! Sphere: Related Content

1 comment:

Cicero Sings said...

Glad to hear of your steady improvement. Nothing like I long soak in the bath ... I add epsom salts and sea salts to my baths. Ahhh.....

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