Friday, August 28, 2009

Angus in His Short Pants

The Centre called late yesterday, they've had to postpone my oncology appointments for one week.....that's OK, one week shouldn't be a problem.

So...we leave today for Vancouver. Not only will I get to see both my boys and the gals, I'm also going to get to see Angus.

Gman's cousin's friend (got that?) was able to get 8 tickets for tomorrow night's show. And we get to go! Weeeeeee.....

I was a little nervous about going, as we have floor seats. I don't wanna get too jostled around the upper right side, if you know what I mean!

But Gman says he and his cousin will be on either side of me, like a wall o men. I think I'll ask G to be on my right, just to be extra sure!

We'll be home again on Monday - a friend is coming to stay to watch the house and animals.....

Wonder if Angus will have his short pants on??? He always does, doesn't he? In all the AC/DC videos I have seen, he has..... Sphere: Related Content


Linda Foley said...

Oh you go girl! Sounds like a wonderful time - enjoy!

Aunt Krissy said...

Rock on! He will be wearing his boy shorts I'm sure!

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