Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Busy, Busy....Brining Bacon, Rhubarb Wine

Boy, have we been busy! I'll try and catch you up with what's been happening.

A few days ago, we had packages of lamb brought over to us - folks we bartered with. Trading one half of a pig (to be butchered this Fall) in exchange for a lamb and part of a goat.

So that meant the meat had to go in the freezer. That meant something had to come Out of the freezer, in order to make room.

We're surprised how fast we are filling the two freezers this year. And we still have a LOT of meat to shove in there. Thinking probably another freezer is going to be on a shopping list soon!

So...out came the rest of last year's bacon. The Gman just put it all in a cooler to thaw.

Then he made up his brine, got all the bacon in there and shoved it in the fridge. He'll let it sit in there for about 7 days, then he'll fire up the smoker.

Moving on....

So then, we figured we should do one more picking of rhubarb....that means we now have yet another (our 3rd) batch of rhubarb wine started.
Also, we picked more and more and more Saskatoons. We got another 25 pounds for a second batch of wine. They're all sitting in the deep freezers, waiting to get made into wine.

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Linda Foley said...

Ah, you ARE a busy bee! {{{hugs}}}

The Beers said...

Ooh, I would love to know Gman's brine ingredients! :)


Annie said...

For sure Linda!

Krystal, click on the hot link in that post and it will take you to the recipe. You will find it near the bottom of the page.


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