Thursday, August 13, 2009


We met the Nman and Kgal at the campground in Vernon.....waiting for me was some beautiful roses they had bought! Gorgeous colours!!

It was Great to be able to spend a couple of days with's been awhile!

The lake we were camped the distance you can see the green hills filled with apple orchards.....

We could watch the waterskiiers going over the ski jump, right in front of where we were camped!

Ummmm...da Wolf did NOT like waterskiing at ALL....he growled at them! Ha! He had never seen it before and could not figure it out at all....

Grrrrrrr....get out of Alien you!
(Ha, we got a good laugh out of da Wolf, trying to protect us from.....what he does not know!)
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1 comment:

Linda Foley said...

That is too cute about da wolf!!! Sounds like a nice place and you enjoyed yourself.

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