Thursday, August 27, 2009

Man on a Mission

My parents came for a couple of nights.....they are on their way now up to Terrace where my cousin is getting married this weekend.

You know, even tho it was a really quick visit, my Dad HAD to have something to do.

We've got so many logs laying around the property...last week the Gman bucked them up, using his chain saw. We had figured that, knowing Dad, he would want to stack some wood while he was here.

Some of you may remember his fine work last year when he was here. He likes filling our woodroom for us. I had already gotten a good start on it earlier this Spring, and Dad finished the job while he was here!

He liked the Li'l John Deer! Here he comes!

And....there he goes!!!

He took it out onto the main road to turn it around...ha! Someone ELSE that doesn't like backing up! (I have tried and tried and tried to learn how to do that....sooooo frustrating!)

I can almost hear him thinking "Gotta get this all filled up, gotta make sure my Anniegirl stays warm this winter"

Thanks Dad!!!!!
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