Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bottling Wine

We picked up a case of 12 half bottles for bottling up the Dandelion Wine.....I posted about it here.....

Beautiful amber colour on this wine.....we have tasted it already and really liked it. It has just a hint of citrus and nice body. I'll definitely be making more Dandelion Wine next year!

We ended up with 7 of these half bottles full....the dark bottle will be given to one of our friends.

Then...the Gman bottled the first 5 gallon batch of Rhubarb Wine, which I wrote about here.....

That leaves us with 1 more batch of Rhubarb, 1 batch of Saskatoon berry (that we're really anxious to try) and one batch of Apricot (I think).....these all still need their finishing touches and bottling. It will be awhile before we have everything put away!
The only cost to these wines has been the sugar....and the case of half bottles....rhubarb and dandelions are free!!
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The Mom said...

Those are beautiful. I'm so in awe of all the super things you guys are doing.

Aunt Krissy said...

They have a very pretty color. I take it that you need to like wine to like these?

Da Wolf must have had some that day out at the lake. It's nice to let dogs run around and do thier dog thing.

Linda Foley said...

Is the wine a dry wine Annie? I really dislike dry wine! I really enjoy a sweet wine though... it looks very pretty and I like those bottles!

Elizabeth said...

Such beautiful colors. You must inspire alot of people to do this.

Annie said...

The Mom - you can do it too! When it comes to the wine, well, we enjoy it and we have been buying the kits at the grocery store.

But, it gets expensive and why not try some of these things that are free (except the sugar)?

The rhubarb wine is a little "powerful" so I am hoping next time, we can make it a bit weaker. We like having a drink, but no need to get wazooooed on two glasses of wine!

The Dandelion wine is not what I would call dry. It had a very light citrusy taste....

Elizabeth, thank you for your comment. We do hope we inspire some people to give these things a try! When we moved here, we were pretty clueless about homesteading, which is why we started this blog....we figured we couldn't be the Only City kids giving country living a try!


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