Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Forest Fire

There is a forest fire not far from where we live, maybe 5 miles away. It started while we were on the Coast.....we aren't getting any smoke from it, as the wind is blowing the "other" way.

They have 60 firefighters up there, along with lots of heavy machinery. They are going to make firebreaks and then let the fire burn itself out.

It was really smoky here while we were gone, friends told us. As long as the fire keeps moving the "other" way, we should all be fine here in the Valley.

When we moved up here, we made an Emergency list right away, since we are surrounded by trees. We will each have jobs to do, should we need to evacuate.

We're glad we made that List....we each know what to grab and what to load into the truck. Others here are not very concerned about fires....I am not sure why. The forests here are filled with dead pine trees from the pine beetle damage....if things caught fire, I would think it could get out of hand very quick!

A picture....we have been watching these for several days now. They go to the nearby lake to fill the buckets, then fly over to the fire.

You'll probably have to click on the picture in order to see the helicopter.... we are spending canning tomato sauce. Then, I think we are moving on to making lots and lots of salsa! We feel like we have tomatoes coming out of our ears!!
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Aunt Krissy said...

Very smart ideal to make a list!
I will pray that the winds keep blowing that way. Or that you get lots of rain to help out. But no lighting!

Anonymous said...

I used to fight wildland fires in the states and helped out in Canada, too. Speak to your local natural resource manager(s) and they will help you triage your far from the house to keep trees, not storing firewood and excess materials in bad spots etc. The importance of this is that during a fire resources are limited. Crews and equipment won't be able to protect every house and property. They will be more willing to allocate resources to those structures and properties that are most likely to be saved through their interventions. Hope that makes sense and helps?

Joanne said...

Thank goodness for all of this rain, is all I can say!! Yesterday we watched a few helicopters fly right over our house (maybe the same one in your pic!). Our view of the mountains has been obstructed by smoke just lately but I haven't heard of any fires as close as they are to you. Will keep my fingers crossed for more rain this week-end!

Annie said...

We're still getting rain, so I think that is really helping the fires.

Anonymous...we live outside fire protection. Forest Service will come, but only to put out the forest fire. Thank goodness for really good house insurance!

Joanne, we had a LOT of smoke off and on, both from the fire close to us but also the Kelly Creek fire. I guess the winds were blowing our way!


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