Friday, September 18, 2009

A Good Day's Work (I Guess)

Yesterday I made up my mind about a couple of things I Really Wanted to get done today.....

We have quite a few packages of last year's pork fat sitting in the freezers.....the idea was to cut them and feed off to the hens over winter.
Since, we have to Really concentrate now on emptying the freezers NOW (We're gonna have fresh Pork and Beef going in there soon), I am taking out a few packages at a time and getting them ready for the girls.

Also, picked the tomatoes that were ripening.....seems late this year, but I dunno. I'll probably have to do the paper bag routine again this year, I think....

The other day the Gman pulled all the Onions and hung them up at the they are hanging out with the garlic!

I got all the kidney beans pulled and hung up in the greenhouse. I was gonna tie them up, but they decided they didn't mind just being sprawled over the ropes....I don't think they will fall down.

The tomatoes.....

the Cherrys have been doing really well....I wish the larger tomatoes would get going!

And.....part of an order that is going out this afternoon.....just have to add some eggs and several pounds of potatoes and it will be done!

I'm Happy with what I have got done so far...I just pitter patter putter all over....but it is amazing to me how much energy I have lost already. Guess chemo's not for wimps.....

When I was in the freezer earlier, I noticed my 12 cups of grated zuccini sitting there patiently waiting for me. If I feel up to it, I'll make up the Zuccini Butter recipe I have....maybe later this week.

As it is, the Gman has had the pressure canner going again. Remember when we parted out 5 of our meat birds? We just tossed their carcasses into the freezers for the time being. Well, now they have been pulled out and he has made a quarts and quarts and quarts of canned chicken broth!

We aren't going to starve this winter, that's for sure! What a fantastic feeling to see all those filled jars on our shelves.....
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Lisa said...

I'm not sure what you mean by the order is almost done? Do you sell veggies?

pamela said...

Hey folks. Annie your veggies are beautiful. Ours have been gone a long time ago. Already got the fall cabbage and greens in the ground.
Your family are in our prayers.
You are going to be fine.

Aunt Krissy said...

Did you ever set up a road side stand that you thought about doing last year? What is zuccini butter?

Jonni said...

Be sure you share your zuccini butter recipe. Pleae.... I have alot of grated zuccini in the freezer waiting for me to do something. butter sounds like a nice change. Glad to see you spirits are high.

Annie said...

Hi Lisa, I just have a few customers who I sell to....every bit helps the bottom line, that's for sure.

Hi Pamela, nice to see you back, thanks for your good thoughts!

Krissy and Jonni, I will defintely put up the zuccini is supposed to taste like apple butter, so I am looking forward to trying it.

Krissy, too many things got in the way of my putting up the road side stand. Instead, Gman made me the nice sign so now it hangs out at the road. I've had maybe 2 new customers due to the sign....but it all helps!



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