Friday, October 2, 2009

The Positive Part About Losing Your Hair

When life gets us down....or bad things happen.....I like to try to concentrate on the positives. Something positive can Almost Always be found, within the negative things that happen in our lives. Do you know what I mean?

Like Breast Cancer.....there are positives in there, they can just be Hard to Find. Like, I really should only have to pay half price for my bras....right? I mean...I only need half of it.
I weigh less....well, not a lot less, cuz one boob just doesn't weigh that much (at least in my case) but....weighing less is a good thing.
I have learned that when your friends find out you have breast cancer, they buy you chocolate! Really, they do! After my surgery, I musta had at least 15 bars of Really Good Chocolate! And yes....I ate every last one of them!
You hear from people you haven't talked with for a long long time....friends tell friends, and they tell friends and so on and so on.....I've had cards and phone calls from high school chums....former co workers....that's a good positive!
People repeatedly tell you I Love You....always nice to hear. And that's something that doesn't get said a whole lot when life is going great, is it? One of my high school friends has called me many times over the last few months. Without fail, we end our conversations with I Love You.....I Love You Too.
All good things.....
So, hair has really started falling out. I've always had fine fine hair....and everyday I have less and less....when I comb my hair, I can't help but look at the comb afterwards.
When I run my hands thru my hair, I can't help but look at my hands and I see the hairs...more and more everyday now. I tell myself don't look, but at the same time, I can't help myself.
When the nurses told me I would lose my hair between chemo treatments 1 and 2....I thought....OK well I won't have to shave the legs anymore! I'll get a 8 or 9 month reprieve from having to do that.....there's a positive, right?
OK, here's me less than a week ago....I'm putting this pic up so I can come back and see myself with my real true original hair....
Disregard the crow's feet and laugh lines....altho I have Earned every one of them!
Back to the positives....I won't be faced with this anymore......BEDHEAD. Who out there suffers from bedhead worse than this? I freakin' scare myself and the Gman when we open our eyes in the morning.
It's always been like this....bad bad bad bedhead. I can do nothing about it, save either have a shower or put on a ballcap.
But you know.....I'm kinda gonna miss bedhead....
Goodbye Annie's's time. I don't want to watch you swirl around and go down the drain when I'm in the shower. I don't want to keep looking at my comb to try to count the hairs.....
When it grows back, I wonder what it will look like? I hear sometimes people's hair comes back in differently than it was....thicker, thinner, darker in colour, lighter in colour....
When the Gman gets home later today, I'm gonna ask him if we can get the buzzer out....maybe have a glass of wine while doing the deed.
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hyd said...

you're awesome annie - good vibes! +ive: excuse to splurge on/rock some super cool hats/scarves?

Anonymous said...

One more positive about losing your hair i.e. chemo treatment: My sister has been battling lung cancer (she should not have made it past six's been almost a year). Her hair fell out, she had to endure anasarca (general edema...) especially in her GI tract and, most recently, pneumonia. What's positive about that, you say? Well, her latest scan revealed...ALL FOUR cancerous areas have been wiped out---gone!

Good try to stay positive and continue to look at the bright side. We're pullin' for ya!

Aunt Krissy said...

Wow! That is some bedhead! Another positive, just think of the money you will save not having to use shampoo. Another positive, less time in the shower. I like your atitude. I also like to find that spot of sunshine on cloudy days.

Annie said...

Thanks hyd! I've got a bunch of little hats and caps to wear, I'll post the odd pic of them. I am not very good at experimenting with scarves tho - maybe this is my opportunity to get better at it?

Anon, yes I see what u mean about the positives - I do hope your sister will be ok with the edema, but wonderful news about the cancer!

Krissy, you're right, less bucks on shampoo - right on!


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