Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Link Within...The Cool Linky Things at the Bottom of the Post

I've seen this "Link Within" on a few blogs now, and it is pretty cool! Here's the link to add it to your blog if you're interested.

I like the way it pulls up the old posts and pictures.... Sphere: Related Content


Linda Foley said...

Ya, I have that on mine, which I saw on the Down To Earth forum, and I had to have it! It's great! I find so many things that I wouldn't if the blogger doesn't have it - it is way cool!

I also put a 'search my blog' thingy on mine as well. So if someone wants to find something they can search for it just like they do a search engine for the internet...

Linda Foley said...

Btw - I LOVE your new picture up top!

The Mom said...

Thanks very much! I was wondering how people did that.

spotted face said...

Thank you! Thank you! For some reason I could never get that link thingy to work. You found the right shortcut, and I appreciate it.

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