Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Best Blog Award

Thanks to Robin over at Seasons Eatings Farm for giving me a Best Blog Award! Cool! Robin's got a great blog - living in Maine, she does a lot of growing of veggies in greenhouses and hoophouses. Head on over if you haven't checked out her blog yet.

Here's what I am now supposed to do - Choose 15 blogs to give a Best Blog Award to. This will be hard.....if I'm handing over an award to someone who's already won, well, that just shows there's more than me who thinks your blog is a great one!

The rules:

1. Anyone awarded with this must pass this Best Blog Award on to 15 bloggers who he/she thinks have the best and greatest blogs.

2. For the new awardee, to receive and accept this award, copy and save the award picture, then....

3, Make a post in your blog about the award.

4. In your post, mention the name of the blogger who awarded you, and include a link to their blog.

OK, here goes: (and they are in no particular order!)

1. Linda over at Lindercroft - true tales of raising goats and veggies in Northern California

2. Krissy over at Transplanted Alaskan - soap maker, goat keeper, and librarian

3. Ree (of course) over at Pioneer Woman - she's won so many awards by now, I just hope she'll include this one from me.

4. Melissa over at Country Family - Melissa is one of the moderators at Homesteading Today - in her blog, she writes about raising a family on a farm in Ohio.

5. Nita over at Throwback at Trapper Creek - always interesting posts about farming, veggie and animal raising.

6, Mike over at Tiny Farm Blog - Mike grows for a market garden, CSA and roadside in Ontario.

7. The Deliberate Agrarian - even tho this blog hasn't had new posts for awhile, what a wealth of info to be found here.

8. Canning Jars, etc. - yummy recipes and all the info you need about safe canning procedures.

9. Kathryn's You Are Here - I just wish she was able to write more often, she has a great writing style! I am looking forward to the day when Kathryn moves to the Island!

10. Frustrated Farmer Rick - I think Rick's one of my first followers - I really enjoy reading about his gardening/cooking adventures in Minnesota.

11. Joanne over at Wise Acres - they are located fairly close to us up here in the 'Boo.....everytime I check in at their blog, I find myself humming the Green Acres tune! One day we will meet, hopefully.

12. Musings of a Stonehead - not only do I like his style of writing, but I just love the name of his blog, lol.....tales of farming in Insch in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

13. Farm Blogs Around the World - a fantastic list of farm blogs from...well....around the World!

14. Holly - Easy Living the Hard Way - for writing about things like what to do with empty toilet paper rolls...Yes, Really!

15. Stone Bridge Farms - writing about Self Sufficent Living in Ohio. She also has a Debt Free blog, which you can find when you click on her profile.

There are more great blogs to be read of course, it is pretty hard to pare down to 15! If you're looking for more homesteading blogs to read, just click on our list of Followers....there are some really good ones in there! Sphere: Related Content


Linda Foley said...

I appreciate the nomination for Best Blog Award! I'll pass on taking you up on it, but I think that was really cool you thought of me! The other blogs you mentioned are great and some I had not looked into before. I'm going to head over and read them better in a bit - some I know I already am following, and some I may start...


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Wow Annie - thanks!

That is quite a list you have put together. You always have interesting posts and I like your perspective. Congratulations on your award and thanks again :)

Stay warm and kiss the wolf for me!

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Congratulations on your award! happy gardening and blogging!

Linda Foley said...

Oh man! I feel really self centered! I forgot to congratulate you for the award!


Kathryn said...

Congrats Annie!
You've inspired me to update my blog, finally.
I read YOURS nearly every day!
Kathryn : )

Frustrated Farmer Rick said...

Hey Annie, Thanks I appreciate being recommended by anyone and being on the same list as some of these fine blogs is indeed an honor. I will hopefully get the chance to fulfill the terms of the deal this week.


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