Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ever Been Over To Blotanical?

I came across a really fantastic site....I was over here, reading Hank's gardening adventures in the Yukon. I can't remember how I found his blog...anway, I noticed this button on his blog...Blotanical.

So, yeah, I clicked on it, and holy moly! Have you been over there to Blotanical? It's a gardening site of course, listing all kinds of gardening blogs from all over....and it is simply Awesome!

I bopped over and looked at Crafty Gardener's site...I can tell already I'll be going back over, this time to check out her Crafty side!

A word of NOT go over there when you are on a deadline. I swear, you will just spend the whole afternoon looking at the diverse range of blogs they have over there. And you can meet some really nice people there...well, of course! All Gardeners are Nice People, aren't they?

So head over when you have some time.....and don't say I didn't warn ya :) Sphere: Related Content


Christine B. said...

I completely agree about not visiting if you have a deadline looming...I can fritter away hours checking out all the great garden blogs there.

Christine in Alaska

Unknown said...

I love blotanical! I joined up earlier this year. It's great place to find and connect with other garden bloggers.

Lona said...

Blotanical is a great place indeed. There are so many generous and knowledgeable gardeners and designers. If I have a question there is always someone who knows the answer. With my browned greenthumb it has came in so handy :-)
Welcome aboard and Happy Holidays to you.

Linda Foley said...

I'm gonna have to check it out better. I did check out Hank's gardening adventures in the Yukon... thanks for alerting us!

Rosie Nixon Fluerty said...

Blotanical is a great place - I have learned so much about plants that I had never heard or seen of before and have seen such wonderful photography and great garden designs and its given me some ideas for my own garden. :)

Annie said...

Blotanical is quite the place. I am still trying to find my way around, I do find it a bit difficult to navigate, but I am figuring it out!

Come January, when I am away from home, I am quite sure I will be spending a lot of time over at Blotanical, checking out all the gardens.

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