Monday, December 28, 2009

I Have Hair!

Remember this?

This was from one of my ole' high school friends....Ei and I share a somewhat....well....shall we say a weird sense of humour?

I LOVE that card she sent still sits close to my computer. It serves as a reminder to me to be...tough. Be tough in the face of cancer.
(This pic was taken about 6 weeks ago, shortly after the head shaving incident.)

Fast forward.....a couple of days before Christmas, the Gman brings me a parcel from the Post Office. It's from Ei....oh what could it be?????

Inside there's a says

I saw the picture of you on your blog in your auburn wig. I thought it looked lovely on you, BUT you'll always be blonde to I made you this:

(Are you sure you want to look?)
(Are you Reallllllly sure?????)

Gman and I were almost on the floor rolling with laughter....yup, that's my friend! Thanks Ei! You even gave me barrettes!!! And...highlights!!! What more could I ask for?
Thanks Ei, you made my day!!!!
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Linda Foley said...

Oh my gosh! How funny is that??? *rolling!* Hey you look good as a blonde!

Kathryn said...

What a gorgeous smile you have Annie!...and oh, by the way, LOVE THE HAIR!
Kathryn : )

Lona said...

LOL, how wonderful. Love your do.

Linda Foley said...

Oh and btw - I love the new picture up top!

Jonni said...

Thank goodness for friends like Ei.... Thanks for sharing with us.

Aunt Krissy said...

Not bad as a blond. We really do have more fun you know. You do have to hear the same dumb blond jokes over and over. Trust me, I get them the 1st time!

Moonstone Gardens said...

LOVE the new wig. How hilarious is that! I am going through cancer treatment too. Just finished chemo and starting radiation on the 6th. My hair is finally coming in - Silver! I was going a bit grey before (my hair dresser said they were silver highlights - ha) but now I'm definately grandma material. And I'm happy with it. I figure I've earned every one of these silver hairs.
Good luck with your treatment and stay positive. Your sense of humor will take you far.

Christine B. said...

Having supportive and fun friends really helps me get through life's tough patches. You are blessed to have "Ei" in your life, and that fab hairpiece she made!

My best wishes for your health,

Christine in Alaska

Annie said...

Thanks! Good friends and laughter always helps in hard times, for sure!

Cindee, my friend's hair also came in silver and it looks beautiful! You're right we have earned every one of them!

Anonymous said...

o crap.....i was just about on the floor laughing at that picture.....hoooooray you are home today......enjoy must be sooo

Annie said...

Hi Cat, we laughed so hard, glad u enjoyed it too!

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