Wednesday, December 16, 2009

O Christmas Tree....Where the Heck Are You?

Every Christmas, I want a real tree....not one that we lift out of a cardboard box, but a real live tree. This afternoon, we fired up the truck and da Wolf hopped in the back.

Our tree is out there somewhere....

Not quite....looks pretty tho with all that snow sitting on the branches.

This one was a little sparse in places....

Not this's bent at the top

This one was definitely a contender....but then the Gman found that there weren't any branches on the backside.


Not baaaaaad.....but not IT.

You'd think with all the trees out here, it would be easy to find one.

(And a sure is nice to see all the little pines coming along. Our area has been hard bit by the pine beetle)

Hmmmmm.......look at this one.

The Gman walked up to it and scoped it out all around....

Yup, that's the one! Out came the chainsaw.

I hope it looks good once it's all dressed up! We brought home a bunch of the boughs that the Gman cut off - I'm hoping to use them for decorating outside.
The tree is now drying off down in the shop. Tomorrow we'll haul it inside and start trimming!

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Kris said...

Growing up we always had thin limbed trees. I like them that way, the decorations can hang free and you can see the ones on the back side too!

Carol said...

A lovely tradition! The Best! Happy Trimming!

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