Monday, December 7, 2009

Stellar Jay and Woodpecker

We were visited by these two today. A young woodpecker....

and a Stellar Jay....beautiful shades of blue. Wonder how long it takes to work up that hairdo?

Gman was able to put up a few lights on the front and back porches. Soon, we'll be bringing up the rest of the Christmas decorations....are you getting in the holiday spirit yet??

And he made his fantastic shortbread cookies today! Dang, they melt in your mouth!! It'll be my turn in the kitchen for baking soon! Fantasy Fudge, Rocky Roads coming up!

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Cedar View Paint Horses said...

I think I'd drive all the way there for those cookies!

Not much for lights here. I put green and red bulbs in the soffit lights, but that's it.

moni said...

The lights help you get into the Spirit ;) A man who bakes yummy cookies, yep, he's a keeper, lol

Annie said...

Andy...just so you know...we give lots of free cookies to folks who help shovel snow,lol!

You're right, moni, Gman's a keeper for sure! He loves working in the kitchen!

Linda Foley said...

Beautiful birds! But I have to ask. Annie are you bit obsessed with hairdo's??? (that was supposed to be a funny, hope you take it as such!)


Annie said...

Ha! Maybe Linda!! My friend was here for a visit and she said she thinks Stellar Jays look like thugs, with their little black "hoods" she calls them!

Carolyn Evans-Dean said...

I would love a new shortbread recipe! (hint-hint)

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