Monday, January 25, 2010

Flower Seed Order for 2010

One of my goals last year was to plant a few more flowers and I did get a new shade bed done.  I'm hoping to see good results with that bed this year, as it will be its second year. I've pretty much always had large flower gardens at our other houses, but since we moved here we've been concentrating on the veggies.

This year, I have that same goal. Put in a couple of flower beds, and maybe even start working on the pathway border. We'll see how far I get....

Flower seed order for this year:

Heartsease Viola
Red Yarrow

And I have these seeds on hand from last year, or maybe some are even from the year before. Hopefully they will germinate!

Scarlet Flax
Sweet Peas
Annual Baby's Breath
Shasta Daisy (kinda funny since we have masses of Ox-Eye Daisy around here - they're on the noxious weed list.

Plus I have the perennial plants already in the yard......which I am open to moving around. Here's a few pics:

What are your flower goals this year? Do you even have any? I am feeling the need to see more "pretty" this year. Let's not forget to take time to smell the roses!
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~mel said...

I think there is always room in a flower garden for more!! I've been trying to transform my place now for the last 12 years that we've lived here... and I'm sure I'll be doing it for another 112. That's the great thing about perennials ~ every couple years you can divide the plants and keep on growing.

Unknown said...

i love seeds! For a few cents per plant you can get a lovely garden!

RURAL said...

I am focusing on more ornamentals this year, tall pure yellow sunflowers, blue morning glories, and super fragrant sweet peas. Everything on my deck is grown in containers, but I do have a sliver of land, in our community garden.

Can't seem to grow root veggies there due to worms, so I will try something else.

Peas did super well last year, and maybe some small tomatoes.


Linda Foley said...

My flower goals? None really, except maybe keeping the roses alive that I already have. I have to concentrate on getting my garden productive first - THEN I can see about flowers... but I LOVE your goal - flowers are so nice and upbuilding because of the colors and beauty!

Tim and Kari O'Brien said...

Mmmm, flowers! We planted a large selection of sunflowers last year and they were the tallest collection we had grown, they also shades the seedlings of potatoes and cucumbers in the hot days before the young tender starts were strong enough for the heat. (Yep, heat in Southern Oregon can reach 105-110 degrees). Luckily we cool down at night. Back to the flowers...nurture the roses, plant more valerian...the whispy blossom smell in the air is like vanilla, no spicy, no disappearing, no vanilla...beautiful, and some sweet peas, nasturtiums and poppies.

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