Saturday, January 16, 2010

Follow up about Monsanto & Johnny Seeds

The other day, when I posted about Monsanto's earnings, I got a comment from Patty. It's worthy of posting so you really should go on over here and read what the owner of Johnny's has to say. And no, they are not owned by Monsanto.

Patty wrote:

Hi, Annie, thanks for keeping the axe blade to Monsanto's collective corporate throat. I'm sure you've run across this statement by Johnny's Seed but I thought a link might be appropriate here:

I've been searching for a non-Monsanto affiliated seed source, and this is a pretty good mission statement from a reliable source. Enjoy, and hope you're feeling good!! Sphere: Related Content


Unknown said...

It has been my goal for a few years to avoid monsanto infiltrated seeds. Here are several Canadian sources (my favourite is Cottage Gardener:

I haver ordered, planted and harvested from the first 3 companies and I can vouch for their excellence.

Jonni said...

Great post. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Unknown said...

Johhny's is a good company. There's also a couple of small companies like Hope Seeds and Perennials ( in New Brunswick, which specializes in heritage seeds, and a new company called Annapolis Seeds (I'll have to find the URL) which does the same.

Tim and Kari O'Brien said...

Thanks for the great information as always. I also really like the photo at the top of your blog. Lots of snow and the greenhouse and garden waiting...for seedlings!

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