Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A New Poll About Growing a Veggie Garden

Over on the right sidebar, you'll see a new poll I put up this morning. Let's find out how many of our readers (drive-bys also welcome!) are putting in a veggie garden this year! And, indirectly, I'd like to find out your level of gardening experience! Have you been planting a veggie garden for years? Or are you new to veggie gardening?

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Moonstone Gardens said...

Hi Sweety,
I have been gardening for over 35 years. Used to grow a large part of our food, then stopped and persued flowers. This spring the vegies are getting planted again.

RURAL said...

I have been gardening practically my entire life, and I love it.

I remember helping my neighbor plant corn when I was only 3 years old. She used the wooden ruler, and each kernel had to be precisely 12 inches apart.

When I was a teenager, I grew veggies, and had growing contests with the neighbors. Now that I am older, and waiting for our farm, I still try to grow as much as I can in the little plot that we have.


Jim Groble said...

we are putting in our first yard garden this spring.


Curbstone Valley Farm said...

I've grown veggies for years...starting with my first carrots at the age of about four! That was a few decades ago at least! Even as an apartment dweller, at a bare minimum it was tomatoes in pots. This year, now the garden area in our new place is finally fully deer fenced, we're planning to go large, and hope to purchase a bare minimum of produce from outside sources, and when we do, we keep it local, buying seasonal produce from nearby farms and farmer's markets.

CherylR said...

I have had a garden for 15 years, before that I helped my mom in her garden. There has been one summer that I had to pass on planting and that was when I was pregnant with twins. So out of my 34 years at least 28-29 years of veggie gardening.

Mr. and Mrs. Hoosier Homesteader said...

I spent summers as a kid at my grandparents home, in awe of their garden. In high school, I still had a love for plants, and had grown some peppers and tomatoes in pots on my parent's back porch.

My husband and I saved some the money we got for wedding presents and put in a large garden in our first home (we were 20 & 21 at the time--our friends thought we were odd), and we've had a garden of some sort since then.

When it comes to gardening, I feel like I'm able to retain much more that I learn than with any other subject. I went completely organic last year and we had good results.

Lisa S. said...

Always, always, always. Even when I didn't have a garden, I had herbs in pots. My folks had BIG (acres) gardens. Ours is smaller and much more intense.

Lots of flowers around too!

Annie said...

Wow, LOTS of gardening experience here! I am hoping to get a few new readers who don't have much experience, so they can walk with us thru growing, weeding and harvesting this year.

Hopefully to be followed by lots of canning and freezing of healthy food to last thru the winter!

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