Friday, January 22, 2010

Tiny Houses

I Love this idea! Totally cool, and a great way to add living space to your existing property. If you live in the city, you'd have to check with your local City Hall to find out if they are allowed. More and more cities are allowing these tiny houses, in order to increase economical living for renters.

Way cool.....I would love to build one of these on our property. That way, we could maybe get a Woofer or offer a Bed & Breakfast, while giving the company a place of their own.

A couple of links:

Eartheasy website - did a feature on these tiny houses back in May. Another bonus with this one is it is on WHEELS! How cool is that? Imagine going travelling and sleeping in your own bed at nite! - I saw an article in the Vancouver Sun about this company. Very interesting!

What do you think? Would you live in one of these....say you have your country property but don't have a home or RV on the land yet. You'd have to work around the septic issue, but there may be creative ways....

If we built one on our property, we could tie the lines into the existing house lines. Then, if I misbehaved, the Gman could send me out to the Little House! Sphere: Related Content


D said...

Beautiful header photo!

Carol said...

I find this post very inspiring... I am dreaming of a simpler life... a house on wheels sounds enchanting ... though I know there are many joys I should lose. I enjoyed the links! ;>)

Overthrust said...

Besides this blog, I follow Tiny House Blog also.

Great ideas for living simply.

Linda Foley said...

I love ting houses also...

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