Thursday, January 28, 2010

Veggie Garden Poll Results

Earlier last week, I put up a poll...inquiring minds wanted to know what level of gardening experience our readers had. So here are the results:

I have been a veggie gardener for:

more than 5 years - 34 or 58%
more than 3 years - 6 or 10%
less than 3 years - 12 or 20%
will be planting our first garden this year - 5 or 8%
I'm buying all my food at the Store - 1 or 1%

A total of 58 responses.....

For those with little gardening experience, Puhleassseee....Stick Around! By following our blog for one gardening season, you'll find LOTS of info and the natural progression of seeding, weeding, thinning, harvesting and processing. All followed by finishing up the season with green manures, and finally....resting on our butts during the coming Winter season!

We'll be canning, freezing, brining and smoking (uh...meats for those last two, not veggies, ha!)

I'll be starting my seeds indoors around the beginning of April. Normally, I start the third week of March, but I hear the natives are getting restless and rumblings of California, beaches and sunshine can be heard. I'm liking that rumour! And I'll be crossing fingers and toes hoping that rumour is true!

For now, we're starting to save every container that can be used for seeding....cream containers, cans from grocery store foods....and stocking up on styrofoam cups. You should too!

And a picture of our Veggie Garden from 2007...I simply can't wait for Summer to be here!

One of our daily harvests!

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Tim and Kari O'Brien said...

Hi Annie,
Your pictures will inspire any new gardener to test out their green thumbs and your promises of brining and smoking and harvesting and canning sound like something to look forward to...just like summer!
I am glad you have a trip on your horizon to some California sunshine. Just remember you are the Cariboo sunshine for all of us in blogland!

Aunt Krissy said...

soon it will be time to dig in the dirt. Hard to have that thought though right now. -10F at my house.

Annie said...

Thanks Kari, that's very nice of you!!!

Krissy, we're in the same boat, and at this time of the year, I find it quite hard to go look at gardeners blogs who are already digging in the dirt!

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