Thursday, February 18, 2010

House Reno - Wine Making/Seed Starting Room

If you've been reading for awhile, you may remember this picture. This is our Seedling Room down in the basement.

You can see all the lights the Gman set up - he hangs them on chains and wires, so we can move the lights up and down as needed.

The White counters were used in one of the bedrooms when the previous owners lived here.

When we moved in, we ripped them out, and like everything extraneous, down to the basement they went.

You may already know that we make our own beer and wine. We use our own fruit (and wild gathered) to make our wine. As a result, our kitchen counters often hold a carboy or two.....or a jug or two...or a primary fermenter or two....

well, you get the picture. And...we really dislike that. We both dislike not being able to use all our kitchen counter space for food and meal prep.

(Plus, it makes us look like winos....)

Not only do we have wine making stuff in the kitchen, it's also in our dining room area, close to the woodstove. We don't much like that either!

Soooo...we're in the process of turning the Seedling Room into a Wine/Beer Making/Seed Starting Room. (Now, That's a Mouthful!)

We started by moving the shelves out of the way....

I started painting. I HATE OSB! I think it looks cheap cheap cheap. But we have it on the walls already, and didn't feel like forking out to turn it all into wall board. So I painted it....white.

On the left in the pic, is the new sink station the Gman started building....dayum, he's handy! When it's finished, this room will be versatile - we can still use it for starting seeds, plus it will have plumbing. No more lugging water downstairs!!!
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girlsmama said...

Silly do you keep your seedlings warm in the basement? Do the lights provide enough heat?

spotted face said...

Inspiration! 2 things in one post that I need to get done. I'll probably tackle the seed starting first. Thanks for sharing!

The Mom said...

I'm envious of the space you have. The setup is going to be nice!

Frustrated Farmer Rick said...

Looks like a great space for both uses. Best of luck with it. Now to go get those carboys off our kitchen table.

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