Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's Been a Heck of a Week - Radiation Update (and a bit of good news)

Ouch! OUCH!!!

I have 3 more treatments to go....I'll make it thru, but am losing my positive attitude.

You'll understand more when you read the posts going up today. But, let me start with the medical update....OUCH!

I am sooo burnt, and my chest is soooo red and sore. There is concern from hospital staff that my skin under my armpit is going to give way.....waaaaaa

This is not that uncommon....I just don't want it to happen to ME. Friday they told me, if it happens over the weekend, to NOT put cream on the opened area, but just all around it.

Grossed out yet? Yeah, I know I am and I'm the one looking in the mirror. Well, I try to avoid the mirror when I come out of the shower, but I am supposed to keep an eye on the burnt area. So, I try to detach myself from my body, give a cursory look, then put a shirt on.

I can't wear anything I have to pull over my head. I don't know why I didn't realize this when I packed to come to Kelowna, but I didn't. So, what did I do? Packed about 10 pullover sweaters and sweatshirts and packed 1, yes 1 button up jean shirt.

Oh and my pajama top buttons up too....I wear my pajamas a LOT these days, ha! 4pm in the afternoon....oh goodie, time to get my jammies on.

During treatment, I have to put my arm up above my head so that the machine radiates my armpit. OUCH! Fark, does that hurt!

I'm doing saline soaks 4 times a day now. I wonder if there is a limit of how many times per day I can do this. It does make the area feel better. I will have to find out tomorrow if I can do it more often.

I'm hesitant to do Anything without asking permission first. It is amazing the things you are NOT allowed to do, or use. Ask first....I feel like a kid. Actually, I'm probably going to revert to sucking my thumb if this doesn't end soon.

I may or may not end up back in my Valley Wednesday night. This is dependent on other things right now. I may stay here for a few extra days. Fine by least I can say Adios to the treatments and sit here and suffer on my own.

Tomorrow evening, I am going to try and bake a whole whack (how many is a whack? I dunno, maybe 4 dozen) of cookies. Tuesday I am going to bring them in to the Volunteer Drivers, who have helped me immensely during these last 5 weeks. The attitude and compassion of these men (bar 1, who you may hear about later) is incredible. Thank God for each of you, I mean that. Hope you like cookies! And a donation cheque, too, to do my part in keeping this program going!

And now for the good good friend Barb, is now a Grandmother! Baby was born yesterday Feb and baby are doing great. I'm hoping Barb gets permission to let me put up a pic when I get it. Congrats Grandmaaaa!!! Sphere: Related Content


Moonstone Gardens said...

Hi Annie,
Sorry to hear about the pain you're in. I have 2 weeks left to go on my radiation. Luckily, they aren't having to do my armpit, but my left boob is really itchy. I'm lucky enough to live 10 minutes from where I have my radiation, so I feel for you having to be away from your home. I'll drink a toast to you when your last treatment is over. Hope you're planning something special to celebrate.

Tim and Kari O'Brien said...

Three to go and a celebration batch of gratitude cookies! You are indeed in a positive spirit and quite a survivor. Hang in there, you are on the final stretch.

Aunt Krissy said...

Annie, I'm just amazed at how strong you have been through all of this. You are a inspiration to me and I'm sure to otheres.

Linda Foley said...

Oh Annie! Even though I truly cannot say I feel your pain - I can't even imagine it. Guess I really don't want to either. But I do feel compassion and empathy. Only three more to go... Annie you have been so strong all through this - just hold on a little while longer girl... we all know you can do it!


Kathryn said...

Hang in there Annie,
It must be severely uncomfortable, no, downright painful. I can't imagine. When I look at your gardenand all you've accomplished at your beautiful home I know you can get through this.
Take care,
Kathryn : )

Annie said...

Thanks....I am in better spirits today. The countdown has after tomorrow I will be home again.

I can't wait to see da Wolf, I sure have missed him.

Cindee I have been thinking of you with your treatments - thanks for the update.

I guess I need to bake those cookies tonite!

Paula said...

I have been reading your blog and I am reminded of my mom. Your strength is truely amazing and am so glad that you're almost there. I have left you a sunshine award on my blog.

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