Thursday, February 4, 2010


Finally, here are some pictures we took while we were visiting with Julia. She's one of our blog readers and I'm so glad we've been able to meet her! Julia has lots of experience with weaving, and she gladly gave us a demonstration. After trying to understand the process, I sat down to give it a try!

See what I made? Ha! No, this is a beautiful woven cloth that one of Julia's friends made for her. The colours are gorgeous!

Julia's spinning wheel......

A close up of the pattern that Julia is working on looks so intricate!

Her loom.....

First she explained all the different parts of the loom and what they do. Of course, now I can't remember some of the terms!

She sat down to give us a quick she is passing the shuttle from one side to the other.

And here I am, trying to do what she has just explained.....beat it, shuttle thru, beat it, change the wooden peg thingys for the next row. Oh, darn, what were those wooden things called? I shoulda taken notes!

I have a much better understanding of the process after I had given it a try myself. Then I got curious about would you set up your loom with the pattern you are going to use???

So, Julia pulled out one of her patterns to walk me thru the process. She had even included a woven sample of the pattern. Organization, I tell ya!

See the block of squares up above the large pattern on the middle of the page? That is the pattern you would follow, in order to set up the loom for weaving.

It all seemed very complicated to me, but it did make more sense after I practiced.

After we were finished, Julia let us know that she has an extra loom that she really doesn't need. Would I be interested in taking it off her hands?

Well, after now thinking about it for a few days, I think I am going to take her up on her offer. I will find out how much she would sell the loom for. I can easily see me sitting up in the Valley, working on my loom! My Valley friend, with the goats and sheep, already get their sheep's wool spun, so I am pretty confident I can get wool from her to use.

Now I just need to go and get some library books on the weaving process, so I can start to learn more.

Thank you Julia, for your wonderful demonstration! When you read this, please just let me know what I missed and I will edit the post with your suggestions.

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Julia said...

wahoo!!! assimilated another one!!
LOL. You did very well with remembering. Weaving is a whole new language.

Linda Foley said...

Now THAT Annie is COOL! I used to be very interested in weaving, but never got around to doing it...

Aunt Krissy said...

That is way cool! I had a friend up in AK that had the whole she-bang and loved doing it. It really is a form of art.

Tim and Kari O'Brien said...

You and the loom will make beautiful art!
I can just imagine a weaving with the beautiful whites, grays, and blues of Cariboo Winter, greens and browns of a Cariboo thaw, brightly colored bouquet of weaving in a Cariboo flower garden, golden, red and orange fall weavings and especially your Sunshine Coast woven into a spectacular piece.
I can't wait to see what you create!

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