Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3 Little Pigs

Last week we had a call on the cell, saying our piglets were ready for pick up. Only one problem - we were in California!

So our neighbours picked up ours (and theirs) and they have stayed with them for the past week.

Yesterday we had to go pick them up....easier said than done. Piglets can run like the wind!

You can see the Gman's big fishnet there in the bottom of the pic - just in case!

There's 8 pigs in this pen - we need to get ahold of 3 of them The neighbours figured we should all have a couple tall glasses of homemade beer know, to get the guys in working form! (The men, not the pigs)

Here's the Gman trying to coax one to come and eat some bread out of his hand.....

That may work for getting ahold of one little piggy, but once the others see him get picked up and put in the tote, there is no way any of them will fall for that trick again!

Gotcha! And dayummm....that little piggy was squealing and twisting around, legs flying around trying to get free....

Into the tote he friend and I held the lid down so the little one couldn't get out, while the Gman was busy wrastling up 2 more. Our other friend was laughing so hard!!!

We've now got them home and in the barn....more pics to come hopefully later today....dayum, they are cute! Sphere: Related Content


Kathryn said...

Hi Annie,
They ARE cute, aren't they.
I'm glad you got to go to California and do some serious relaxing. At least I hope it was relaxing, driving with da wolf beside you.
Happy Spring!

Aunt Krissy said...

You should have greased them! That would have made it even more fun!

The Mom said...

They are so sweet! I wish we could have pigs. The kids would be in hog heaven. LOL

Moonstone Gardens said...

There's nothing as adorable as a piglet, but by the time they get eatin' size, I'm ready to let go. They look at me like they know something I don't. Scary.

Annie said...

The piglets ARE adorable...right now.

But the bigger they get the more hesitant I get about having to go in their pen. I try and look after them from the Other side of their fencing!

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