Saturday, March 13, 2010

More Pics at Linda's

Here's some more pics taken at Linda's place in Northern California....

The neighbour's cows running home right behind Linda's veggie garden fence!

Linda and me in her kitchen after a delicious dinner and before an incredible dessert

AJ made this....poached pears in wine sauce with ice cream....yummy!

The elk in the field across from Linda and Jim's place....they told us the elk are there almost every morning!

Little Ebo and da Wolf running and playing.....

Isn't he cute?? You can see the Shar Pei in him....he's an adorable lil guy, we could have easily brought him home!

We're still posting about our trip over here.....we're having a great time now that we have found some sun and warm weather!  We'll be home in time for Joel Salatin at the end of March, then it's time right away to get the seeds started! I'm getting excited!
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Linda Foley said...

Geesh that is a HORRIBLE picture of me! But the rest is really nice! I love the pictures of the dogs... Ebo does look so tiny huh?

Aunt Krissy said...

Linda, that's a good pic!

I like the head on that dog.

Linda Foley said...

Krissy, you are being way to kind, but thank you! Ya, Ebo is kinda special! He was abandoned on the mountain and he found us sorta - he was howling (like a really BIG dog) and we went to find him - he was just a puppy only about two months old... I just love him! Oh and he is a Shar-pei/Shepherd mix as far as we can tell...

kanishk said...

great pic
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