Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Great Potato Experiment!

Last Fall, we experimented with our potato harvest. We dug them all out of the garden, except for one row. We wanted to see how they would taste in early Spring. We wondered if they would even make it thru the winter.....

Well, they did! And they are so sweet, they taste just wonderful!!

We're surprised, very pleasantly surprised.....this might not work every year, but we're glad we took the chance. We'll dig up that row, just in case they start to turn bad.

And...dinner 2 nites ago. We're STILL eating out of last year's garden! Delicious potatoes, wonderful roasted garlic (which we have developed an incredible addiction to!), homegrown pork. The only thing on this plate that came from "somewhere else" is the squash. And...we picked that last summer when we went to Lilloett for the day.

Ever since then, the squash has been held downstairs. Not in the Cold Room, which is too cold for squash, but in our little room under the stairs, where it's warmer.'s a pretty nice and satisfying feeling to be still eating our own homegrown food and meat at the end of March!!!
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Aunt Krissy said...

So the potatos didn't get mealy? Your dinner looks good, nice brown gravy.

Linda Foley said...

Wow that is very, very cool Annie!

Lisa said...

That's cool, I always wondered what would happen to potatoes if left in the ground. It's so satisfying eating your own produce.

Debi said...

wow..that is amazing. and that dinner makes me VERY hungry, cause I KNOW it must be wonderful! I honestly would have thought the potatoes would be a bit 'mushy' and 'mealy'. great to know!

Annie said...

Responding to your comments reminds me I HAVE to get out there and dig that row up NOW.

One potato was no good, the Gman tossed it out, but all the rest were great!

We gave some to 2 of our neighbours to try.

But, just because it worked this time doesn't mean it would work every year. I just don't know...but it was worth it just to try!!!

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