Sunday, April 25, 2010

Preparing for Garden Tilling

Today, we're working on getting well composted manure spread over the main Veggie garden. Usually this is done in the fall but, since I was still recuparating last Fall,
finishing this off got postponed.

You can see the tiller in the is inching its way closer and closer to the garden!

And...I brought up some of the veggies from the downstairs Seedling room.....peppers and cabbages. Now I have to set aside some time to start more seeds down there....always lots to do at this time of year!!
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Anonymous said...

Annie, progress is being made at your place. Your veggie garden picture is now part of my screen saver.

Your seedlings seem to be bouncing back, as well. Could be some of that good sunlight. On sunny days, I have been moving my limited seedlings to the sun porch and they have bounced back.

Doctor's appointment today; I might be gardening in mid June.


PS My snow plow man stopped by the other day; he will be trimming a long line of hemlocks to get me more sunlight on the existing garden and to allow me to expand into a new area.

Anonymous said...

Your veggie garden is looking good, Annie. It is now part of my screen saver.

Your seedlings have rebounded, sunlight and their natural growth are helping their improvement. I have been moving my limited number of seedlings to my sun porch and they have responded well to the sunlight.

Doctor's appointment today; I hope to be in the garden by mid June.

Plow man stopped by and I arranged with him to trim a long line of hemlocks to give my garden more light and to open up another area.


Annie said...

Hi Eddie...I think I had better germination the second time around because I bought some new potting soil...then again, who knows?

That is GREAT news aboutgetting your hemlocks trimmed! I know they are a liability to you, for letting sun in your yard, so that is great news!

Hope you are recuperating well!!

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