Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What's Up with Blogger Uploading Pictures???

What the heck? I'm trying to put some pics up I took yesterday, and Blogger won't give me an option for getting pics off my computer!

Hmmmm....I have to go take a look around....but does anyone know what's up? I don't want to have to load al my pics onto Picassa first, in order to get them on my blog! Sphere: Related Content


Kara said...

There are two tabs when writing a new post. One says "Edit HTML" and the other says "Compose."

The "Edit HTML" tab doesn't have an image upload button.

Check to see which tab you're on when making a new post. If you are on the correct tab and it still doesn't work, might send a message to Blogger support.

Annie said...

Hi Kara, thanks! I got it!

RURAL said...

I just know that I have not used blogger to post anything in ages. After Jean wrote about using Windows live Writer, I switched. No headaches, no frustrations, and perfectly spaced photos, lines, and everything. Just like I typed it.

Good bye Blogger frustrations. I am NEVER going back.


Annie said...

Thanks Jen! I had forgotten about Jean's post on that!

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