Thursday, May 6, 2010

The DOW is Falling, The DOW is Falling!

Holy moly! What a free's a 6 month DOW chart....look at that red candle today, YIKES!!!

As I type this, it has fallen 987 points....

The TSX has wiped out the entire year's gains.....

holy Shite!

I'm rubbernecking here at the computer, can't turn away....unreal, what a dive!

When it bounces, I am back in...until then, I better go plant some more veggies :)

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Blossom Barden (NorthLaurel) said...

Wowzers! You scared me so much I had to rush over and check my 401k... eh, it's about the same as usual. I don't like to look often, it's depressing..

Annie said...

Hi Blossom, it's bouncing back up now....down 503 right now.


What a day! Apparently, it is because of fears regarding Greece financial situation.

Kellie said...

Not good!

Blossom Barden (NorthLaurel) said...

Wow, I'm outta the loop..not that I ever was 'in' the loop about this stuff. Didn't know that anything was going on in to check that out!

Anonymous said...

When Wall Street creates its bubbles, it does it with peoples' 401K money and other retirement funds. When Wall Street pops the bubble, they pull their money out and let ride the 401K and retirement funds. When I heard about Wall Street crashing I was oh-so-very happy! Too bad it was just an error. T

Aunt Krissy said...

Can't worry about the DOW, my worry will not change one thing about it. Whos horses on the header? Yours?

Annie said...

I believe the market is rigged....Wall Street has a LOT of power.

But either way, it was an unreal day watching what was happening!!

Krissy, those horses were in the field next door when we moved here.

Now there are 4 other horses over there, I should get a new picture!

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