Monday, May 31, 2010

Garden Pics

Let's see if the camera is working properly....

I've been so busy around here I have barely had time to check email let alone update the blog. Spring is always such a busy time!

Here's some pics

Dinner last night...our own incredibly fresh delicious asparagus!

Violas in bloom....

Here's a seedhead on one of our rhubarb plants.

Those need to be cut off as soon as you see them if you want to have rhubarb to use this year! 

Garlic getting nice and sturdy, soon we should be harvesting garlic scapes!

Saskatoon bushes in bloom!!!

Rhubarb and garlic....

Lily of the Valley pips....I love these!

Asparagus in the veggie garden....this is year 4 I think!

We should get abundant harvests from now on. Asparagus beds can produce for years and years once established.

One of the flower beds...tulips blooming, irises and lilies growing, goutweed coming back (this stuff is really invasive...but pretty. I will let some grow and be merciless about getting the rest out.
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Linda Foley said...

I went out and looked at my onions and garlic in the garden, other than needing weeding, they look really good! I am surprised...

~mel said...

Very pretty garden pics! LOVE the garlic ~ I planted some this spring; but not getting the results I was hoping for. My friend told me it should be planted in the fall... hmmm... I'll just leave it where it is and hope for something to happen.

Aunt Krissy said...

Your dinner looks yummy! I didn't know that asparagus got so tall.

Kellie said...

Yummy, asparagus!

Kevin said...

Very nice.

Annie said...

That's great Linda...hope you get a good harvest!

mel, if you live in the North, you are likely better off planting garlic in the Fall. Here we harvest maybe first week of September. I clean up the bed, sort thru the harvest and replant a week later.

Aspargus can get even taller than our is Krissy....I have seen it 5 feet high!

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