Friday, May 14, 2010

Strawberries and Containers

Ha! You thought I would already be harvesting berries??? Fat chance! We're still dipping below 0C during the no, my berry plants were still buried under all that straw I put on them in the Fall.

But yesterday, I did take about half of the straw off. I want the ground under the plants to be able to start warming up, and it can't do it with all that straw on top.

So, I'll leave them like this for another week or so, then if the temperatures are kind, I'll remove the rest of the straw, give the beds a good weeding and hopefully then the plants will start to grow!

I've been doing a bunch of weeding and trying to get the odd flower container ready. I've had these two pots for proably 8 years or so....they were starting to look pretty bad!

I bought a couple of plant stands to use out on the porch, so I gave these pots a painting....

I LOVE this stuff! It's fantastic for spraying plastic. I used to use it on our old lawn chairs, the plastic white ones you can buy. I changed them to green using this stuff!

Here's the end result. Don't those pots look Much Better now? I've got a Wave Petunia planted in each container.....eventually I'll have one pot on either side of our porch. But right now, I am still hardening off the petunias, so I have them bunched together. Just makes it a tad faster for me to move them out to the sun, then up tight against the house at night time.

My living room is completely overflowing with seedlings. Yes, I have corn growing in the living room, ha!

I have already started hardening off the cabbage plants, and I may just go ahead and plant them in the garden this weekend. They are quite cold hardy, so I am thinking they should be fine.

What are your gardening plans for the weekend??? I am going to try to keep going with getting the main veggie garden planted. Plus weeding, plus kitty watching, pig watering, egg gathering....lots to do here!

Oh and I have my meat bird chicks coming next Wednesday, so I have a few more brooder related things to get finished on the weekend. Fun times!
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Aunt Krissy said...

Nifty idea! I think I am going to give that a try. the paint thing.

Richelle said...

The pots look great! I dug trenches and planted batatas (orange sweet potatoes) today. And a big row of purple and ordinary broccoli. Sowed some more beets and leek. Planted some tagetes with the tomatoes. Have to try and get more tilling (by hand mind you)done tomorrow, because the rains of last week might just be the last until the end of September and I have to get it done before the soil hardens too much. Ah, and harvested the first broad bean today! More to come the next couple of days! As well as peas, sugar snaps, mixed salad leaves and rocket. Happy gardening!

Linda Foley said...

Hey! I too as going to try the paint and pots! What a great idea. I know have seen the fusion paint before, but never really paid any attention.

My plant plans for this weekend are to get at least another planter filled and planted with some of the brassica's I started earlier. There will not be many because the planters are quite small. I planted one the other day with some onion, lettuce, and celery. They are on my front balcony where the squirrels and dog can't get into them. Honestly it will not be much at all! I do have some strawberries that I will also plant in smaller planters...

I *think* we have seen the last of the frost finally! But still could get some till the end of June... this has been one strange year!!!

The garlic and onions are still growing in the main garden... kinda want to see how they do.

Perhaps next year I will try the main garden again, but I'll just have to wait and see. I'm kinda burned out right now.

~mel said...

Don't you just love what a new coat of paint can do! You pots turned out beautifully!!

Tim and Kari O'Brien said...

You are so clever!!

Annie said...

Wow, sounds like some of you are making really good progress on getting your gardens in!

It's rainy here again today and rained last no going in the veggie garden for me today.

I CAN however, keep working on flower beds!

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