Monday, June 14, 2010

Busy Weekend!

It was a very productive weekend here in the Valley! I'm tired...but glad so much got done....this time of year, it is so easy to feel overwhelmed with all the chores that need doing.

I was able to get one batch of Rhubarb Wine started....bop over here if you want the recipe and process. We're hoping this year's batch doesn't have quite as much "kick" to it...last year's was a little strong for our liking.

This time, I put in 10 pounds of sugar and there is probably 6 gallons of juice in the primary fermenter.

Uggghhhhh....the main Veggie Garden is FULL of weeds. I was finally able to get in there this weekend and get some weeding done. This is the Before pic...the After pic will just have to wait!

Horses in the neighbouring's so nice to watch them run!

Our manure piles are in the foreground...finished compost on the right hand side. I'll keep using this up as side and top dressing for the garden veggies.

Fresher pile on the can see all the bedding from the meat bird brooder added to the pile. That stuff makes Excellent compost! It's simply wonderful!

And I mowed...and mowed....and mowed the lawn. Today I am hoping to get back in the Veggie Garden to keep weeding!

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Linda Foley said...

Annie, your "bop over here" takes me back to this page - just thought I would let you know...

Linda Foley said...

Never mind - I see what ya did!

Tim and Kari O'Brien said...

Annie, all of the work you are doing is inspiring. The beginning of the garden weeds are best ones to pull! It will pay off in the long run. I have claw tool at the garden gate so even when I go to "look" at the garden or lock up the hens, I can take a quick swipe or two at the weeds. I get your garden is looking glorious these days.

Annie said...

Kari, I am trying very hard to do a better job with the weeding this will pay off!!

I'll be putting new garden pics up later today, everything is really growing!!

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