Thursday, June 17, 2010

An Outdoor Run for the Meat Birds

Soooooo....yesterday I was able to get started on the run for the meat birds, down at the barn. First I had to move a bunch of milled lumber we had stacked along the outside wall....trying to keep the wood out of the weather.

Got that all moved, then got the run as level as I could rake it. Then I spread out a bale of hay and started gathering T posts.

Gotta luv the Tposts! They make fencing pretty easy. I used 2inch chicken wire and threaded the posts thru the wire. Found the small sledgehammer to pound the posts in.

Then I moved the feeders and waterers outside in an attempt to entice the meat birds out into the fresh air....and you can see it worked! Those birds will Walk for Food, that is for sure.....

So, another major job on the To Do List that has now been crossed off....YEAH!!!!!! As long as the weather is good, the birds can go out during the day. We have two doors on that side of the room, for easy out and in's......

A tip: If you can, place your feeders and waterers close to the building. If it rains, they will be under the eaves so the feed doesn't get all wet and clumpy!
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1 comment:

Kellie said...

Another good idea Annie.

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