Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pastured Pigs

Last week, we got the pigs moved...all Gman did was turn their house around the other way so that the door opens into the back pasture. He uses his excavator for that job...that machine sure is handy!

He had already checked and repaired the electric fenceline from last year (which we left in place). Once he determined all was well, we dropped the wire around the Animal Garden where they had been staying...and playing.

So now, they have a LOT more room and of course a LOT of grass and willows to run around in. We're hoping again this year they will work on uprooting some of the willows, as the pigs did last year for us. Makes it easier to work on pasture rejuvenation!

The left fenceline....two strands of electric will keep the pigs in, because they were already trained to electric in the Animal Garden.  Even now, every once in a while, I hear an awful squeal...and then say to myself "Yup, the fence is working"

Now the pigs can chow down on pasture...this will save on the feed bill...always a good Thing! And I can get the Animal Garden planted!
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Linda Foley said...

Things are moving right along for you guys! How have you been feeling? Stronger each day I bet! {{{hugs}}}

The Mom said...

I love seeing pictures of the pigs. They're so cute and so yummy!

Kellie said...

Great pasture idea Annie!

My hubby has a little bobcat he is going to get going this summer. Everything will be easier with that thing running!

Annie said...

I'm feeling pretty good Linda, thanks for asking. Still not 100% in the energy department, but that takes time.

Mom, the pigs are getting bigger, a lot bigger! Must be all that green pasture they are munching on.

Kelly, you will love the bobcat! Machinery isn't cheap, but once you have it, you can do so much more!!!

Linda Foley said...

That is great Annie... {{{hugs}}}

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