Monday, June 28, 2010

Rhubarb - Round Two

I'll tell ya....I am getting sick sick sick of dealing with Rhubarb!

Here's the first batch of Rhubarb Wine - now racked into a carboy.

We got this carboy (5 gallons) full, plus a 1 gallon jug, plus a 1 1/2 litre bottle.

Sigh....and here is Round 1 of Batch 2 of Rhubarb Wine....since there has to be enough water in the primary to completely cover the rhubarb, I ended up putting 6 gallons of water in there.... is what is left of one of our three Rhubarb plants. It doesn't look like much now, does it?

If you want your plant to keep producing next year, it is important to leave some stalks behind!

Don't pick it clean...and don't forget to cut off the seed head as soon as you see it!!

Gardeners who do things in a timely consistent fashion would have given this bed a thorough weeding....THEN gone in and twisted off the rhubarb stalks, throwing the leaves down on the bed to use as a mulch.

Me? Not so consistent ha! Oh I threw them down as mulch all right, I just didn't get around to giving the bed a good weeding first!

On the bright side, I am now finished starting Rhubarb wine for the year...does that make sense?

And also, anyday now, my Tiger Lilies are going to start blooming....the buds are huge!

I Love Tiger Lilies!!!!
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