Saturday, June 5, 2010


The Gman got the small Barn Garden tilled the other day....lots of weeds in there!

I'll have to work double time to make sure I get the garden hoed on a regular basis!

Barn Garden all ready for planting. I then planted sugar beets, mangels, regular beets and a row of lettuce in the area where it is more shaded.

I also planted 6 mangels that we grew last year. Over Winter they sat in our cold room in a bunch of dirt. This year, we are hoping they will start to grow again and then they will set seed. We tried it last year but weren't successful.

Then he moved on to the Animal Garden! We got the pigs moved out onto the large pasture, and the Gman brought his machine in the garden to rough up the soil.

Using his forks to loosen the compacted soil.

The pigs have been in this area for about a month now,
part of the garden have been rooted up by the piggers, but other parts were quite compacted.

Now, he's rototilling this garden. After he is done, it is time for me to start planting. In this garden will be lots of potatoes, onions, beets, mangels, sugar beets and other veggies too.

Aside from the onions, most of this garden will be feed for the pigs.
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Lilac Cottage Homestead said...

My husband would love to have a machine like that to help him loosen the soil every spring before he tilled. You have a lot of nice garden space. I hope you can get it all done in time.

Mamabear said...

Last year not by choice I left alot of beets (mangel) in the ground uncovered over winter and to my suprise this year they came back. We are zone 4. if you were able to just cover a few in the garden like a strawberry bed you may get seeds without fuss. Where the beets were became parking space for my husbands equipment as I took over his other space for my cattle. So I dont know what the end result would have been.

Annie said...

Lilac, that machine has saved us so much work since we moved up here! It's too bad we can't get it into all the gardens, but it is a bit big!

Sure beats using the front tine tiller, for sure!

Thanks mamabear, maybe we will give that a try this year, leaving a few just in the ground.

Linda Foley said...

Looking good Annie!

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