Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ginger 3, Mice 0....and da Wolf? Well....2

Well well well....seems like we DO have a little Mouser here!  Be forewarned, this post may make a few of you a little squeamish.....

A few days ago, I was taking a break from weeding the darn garden and was sitting up on the porch. I saw Ginger come up and it looked like she had something in her mouth.

Da Wolf was already up on the porch resting as he had had a hard night running around the perimeter fence, barking at the coyotes.

I looked over at Ginger and then noticed a mouse running around on the porch. More like running away than running around. Ginger went running after it and started batting it around.

"Oooooh good!" I thought. And apparently da Wolf thought the same thing. He got up from his blanket, walked over to Ginger and her mouse and....yes he grabbed that mouse!

He turned around and looked at me, and he had a mouse TAIL hanging out of his mouth. Ewwwwww! Then I heard Chomp Chomp Chomp....disgusting! I had to have a glass of wine to get over the sight of that!

Meanwhile, Ginger obviously didn't see da Wolf grab the mouse, cuz she was still running around the porch trying to figure out where it went!

Soooooo, the next day I go down into the garden and Ginger came with me. I don't know how long I was down there, maybe an hour. I'm hot and tired so figure I will sit in the shade on the porch.

I get up there, and Ginger is playing with ANOTHER mouse! This time she had killed it. I don't know if it was still warm or not, but I wasn't going to pick it up. So I called da Wolf, ha!

Up he came, took one look, went over and CHOMP. There goes another mouse...EWWWWWWW!

Then last evening, it was getting to be twilight and Ginger still hadn't come up from the barn (where she spends several hours a day now on her own). I'm calling her, but no Ginger.

Now, she is pretty good to come when I call her, but not this time.  So I give a sigh, (cuz I am Tired and the last thing I want to do is go down to the barn Again) and get my shoes on to go down and get her.

Why do u think she didn't come up to the house? Yup, there she was snacking on another dead mouse! Now da Wolf was coming along, and Ginger's back goes up. I guess she had figured out he was stealing and eating HER mice.....

Luckily for Ginger, this time da Wolf walked right by as he didn't see the mouse Ginger was trying to hide from him. I let her play with her dead mouse for another couple of minutes, then I picked it up with a shovel and put in the barn garbage.

Ginger got picked up and lovingly carried back up to the house by proud Me. Of course, I didn't let her face get anywhere near mine, I don't want mousey guts on me!

The evidence....Ginger's second mouse!

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Leigh, Andrea Leigh Gil said...

Congrats on your little mouser! My Sib x is a great mouser too. He loves to spy them froma distance and then pounce on them! Very entertaining story. Thanks for sharing.

pamela said...

Annie, I need a mouser--they have destroyed our garden this season. We have put out the blue cubes-to kill them, either it's no good--or we have a herd of them.

Nina Diane said...

kind of gross but at least they are not running around your house eh? have a great evening...

Kellie said...

Love it when the cats get the mice! da Wolf is doing a good job too. Extra pats and rubs for them and more wine for you.

Anonymous said...

She's still so little, a really tough mouse could take her on!
We had sled dogs when we lived in AK. (They were also part wolf.) Bruno was a gorgeous male, silver and black with blue eyes. He would catch a mouse, flip it up in the air, catch and swallow it, head-first. Talk about wanting to barf! But I think that it's worse to listen to them chomping on them!

Holly said...

Good for Ginger, she is earning her keep. An excellent mouser is a treasure at this place.

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